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Together we are ONE

We are a team of highly successful entrepreneurs who have created a myriad of businesses, over many decades, and taken calculated risks and reaped the rewards. Occasionally, we encounter setbacks but risks and rewards are the ethos of entrepreneurship which we are very proud to represent. We work extremely hard, take risks and look forward to enjoy the rewards. This is who we are.

We have created TheTubeAsia as a platform to reach out to budding entrepreneurs like yourselves, because we want you to share our journey, what we have diligently built up over the years, what we have carefully nurtured through personal interaction, and what we have passionately dreamed of handing over to new energy like yourselves.

The World is your Oyster
You are in a position to take the opportunities that life has to offer. And we are here to guide you along your path. We will share with you our experiences and you will learn how to refine your business ideas and to create feasible business plans. Entrepreneurship is hard work and requires persistence, but the journey you will embark on and the successful end result you will achieve will be your well-deserved due.

Join Our Team and let us show you the way!