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It just gets you an uneven surface – or worse, baked on drips. If you try, you’ll mess up the pan and have to start over. Since lard is traditional but no longer readily available, many people substitute bacon drippings, but this is a bad idea. If it’s conventional bacon, you’re baking in carcinogenic nitrates. But even organic bacon is not good for an initial seasoning because it’s filled with salt.

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  • I followed the seasoning instructions closely and applied very thin coats of Spectrum brand filtered flaxoil.
  • Avocado oil has an extremely high smoke point of 520F.
  • If you’re just looking for our recommendation of the best oil for seasoning cast iron, it would have to be La Tourangelle grapeseed oil that you can pick up on Amazon.
  • More than with skillets, high-quality Dutch ovens are worth the splurge; you want the tight-fitting lid and handles that are just large enough to hold .
  • Forming of rust on the surface of the cast iron cookware or the outer side indicates that it needs rusting.

Tomato sauce may be acidic, but as long as you have a good layer of seasoning on your pan, your cast iron will be protected from the acidic tomato sauce. Once you have done the initial seasoning, you shouldn’t need to season it again. Simply because every time you cook, the fats from the food should add to the layer of seasoning, essentially reinforcing it with every meal you cook. You can cook some acidic food in the pan, but you have to be careful because any acidic food will eat away at the seasoning. If you cook acidic food too much in your cast iron pans without reinforcing the seasoning, you’ll eventually end up with no seasoning left.

Victoria Cast Iron Skillet

Just don’t use metal utensils on them, as that can strip away the seasoning. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections,we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices,we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

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The nonstick layer also protects your pans from being scratched and damaged by utensils. Now your cast iron cookware is fully dry, we need to start the pan’s seasoning process. So get the oil you have chosen and pour a small amount onto the pans cooking surface. Sometimes, all you need is a little something small to accomplish the best recipes, Enter the Victoria 6.5-inch mini cast iron skillet. It won’t take up a lot of room in your kitchen and is the perfect size for cooking an egg, appetizers, dips, or a pastry puff. Many reviewers rave over the smooth quality of the surface and enjoy the fact that it has been pre-seasoned with 100% Non-GMO flaxseed oil.

Depending on the condition of your pan, you may want to rinse the dirty salt out and start over with new, clean salt as you continue the process. However the AUS-ION is a bit pricier than many are willing to pay . The budget-conscious shopper should feel confident with something like the Cuisinel 12″ Skillet. For the price there isn’t any better option, and it is a good way to jump into the world of cast iron cooking. After seasoning, you might want to consider cooking a few fried meals to allow the seasoning layer to mature a bit more.

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Except , this is when you learn that you need to repeat this process at least 5 more times for a previously unseasoned skillet. At the point where your pan begins to take on a sheen rather than the matte finish it will have after the first few coats, it’s ready for cooking. What you really need to know is that the process of seasoning cast iron is really only as difficult as you want to make it. The most commonly sized skillet is 12” (though you’ll certainly find bigger and smaller sizes). The 10.25” size is also easy to find and both common sizes should run between $15 and $70 for an unseasoned pan or between $40 and $200 for a seasoned, enameled pan. The price varies, of course, but you should expect to pay somewhere around $35 for this cast iron skillet.

What To Look For In A Cast Iron Skillet

Such a frying pan is suitable not only for pancakes but also, for example, for eggs. For best results with cast iron cooking you should always use wooden or silicone rubber kitchen utensils. They may take a bit more work when it comes to scraping your pan but in the long run your pan will be much better for the effort. One thing to check when buying a pre-seasoned skillet is to find out what is used for the seasoning. Some manufacturers take a short cut and use a chemical spray. Lodge uses vegetable oil and avoids any artificial sprays.